I followed Mike Pugh, a fellow Wisconsinite, on his around the world trip in 2002-2003 via his award winning travel site. I met with Mike in Chicago before taking off on my trip. He had a number of helpful suggestions related to building a travel site and spending a year running around the world.

Steve and Roxanne started from London in late 2008 in an impressive overland vehicle to circumvent the African continent. I first met them in South Africa and then ran into them again while spending a week in Tofo, Mozambique.

Mike and Lauren have abandoned their cubicals and are living the dream - traveling around the world. Follow their trip across the world on a budget.


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Taking off to some unidentified place in the heart of Africa – somewhere with no electricity, no running water and at least one week’s journey from anything resembling a city has been a long time dream of mine.

My name is John Bradley and in May 2009, I left my job in Chicago, sold my car, moved everything else I owned into my grandma’s basement and flew to Africa. I plan to take roughly one year to overland on a budget from Cape Town to Cairo. I do not have an itinerary; I have no idea where I will be five days from now. My path is guided by the attempt to balance the urge to see and experience as much as I can with the desire to travel slowly and close to the ground.

This is where I will post my stories, photos, and videos as I move along on my journey. Feel free to post comments or send me an email with any thoughts or suggestions.

Current location: Coffee Bay, South Africa

Distance traveled: 42,790 km

Days on the road: 366

(last updated 5/16/10)

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