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House of Judah Nyabinghi Rastafarian Grounation in Khayalethu South Township, South Africa

Six hours of songs, sermons, drums, dancing around the fire, and chants to Emperor Haile Selassie made for an interesting entrée to the Nyahbinghi Rastafarian way or life. >> more

Cage diving with Great White Sharks in Mossel Bay, South Africa

After taking some Dramamine and a brief tutorial on “what not to do when cage diving with Great White Sharks” the water was chummed, dorsal fins appeared and we jumped in the cage to get a closer look at these impressive fish. >> more

Malealea Band in Malealea, Lesotho

The only other live entertainment in Malealea is the Malealea – complete with synchronized dance moves and instruments made out a 5-gallon bucket and an old can of turpentine. >> more
Taking off to some unidentified place in the heart of Africa – somewhere with no electricity, no running water and at least one week’s journey from anything resembling a city has been a long time dream of mine.

My name is John Bradley and in May 2009, I left my job in Chicago, sold my car, moved everything else I owned into my grandma’s basement and flew to Africa. I plan to take roughly one year to overland on a budget from Cape Town to Cairo. I do not have an itinerary; I have no idea where I will be five days from now. My path is guided by the attempt to balance the urge to see and experience as much as I can with the desire to travel slowly and close to the ground.

This is where I will post my stories, photos, and videos as I move along on my journey. Feel free to post comments or send me an email with any thoughts or suggestions.

Current location: Coffee Bay, South Africa

Distance traveled: 42,790 km

Days on the road: 366

(last updated 5/16/10)

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